Dutch Authorities Shut Down Seven Online Gambling Sites

Police in the Netherlands have reported that they have conducted a raid in which seven online betting sites were taken down and three men detained.

The raid was undertaken by police, who were assisting the Dutch Gaming Authroity and involved 150 police officers. The raid resulted in the closure of the following sites: amsterdamscasino.com, amsterdamspoker.com, fruitluck.com, golden10casino. com, jackpotred.com, tanzoo.com, triplegoldcasino.com.

Three men were also detained detained in the raid, and are said to be assisting law enforcement authorities with their investigation.

Also taken offline was internet betting firm Net Gaming Solutions, which is said to operate in Costa Rica. This has come into question though, as its site was knocked offline by Dutch authorities. The ease of which this process occurred leads to some speculation that the firm and the various casinos were operating in the Netherlands.

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