Australian Woman Embezzled A$7.8 Million To Gamble Online

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A 50 year old Australian woman admitted that she embezzled nearly A$8 million from her employer so that she could feed her online gambling habit.

Wendy Hope Jobson admitted the crime to a court earlier this week, pleading guilty to six counts of theft. She originally stood charged with 1,410 counts of theft, which is alleged to have taken place over five years at the Koroneos Hotel Group.

Jobson took the money that she stole and gambled at Playtech casino 21Nova, but also bought a new car, a corporate box at Ethiad Stadium, and made house payments with the ill-gotten funds.

The hotel group's owner found out about the missing cash in 2011 when another employee alerted him to some suspicious transactions. When she was confronted about the money, the defendant admitted to the crime. The owner said that Jobson was a trusted employee who had 16 years of service with his firm.

Jobson's defense team claims that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder and claims that she did not know what personality was doing wrong when she stole the funds. A Psychiatrist backed up these claims, saying that Jobson has at least 10 different personalities.

Speaking to investigators about her crime Jobson said, "One time I won $1 million. But they only paid you $20,000 every four days, so you can imagine sitting there waiting for the money to come back, and it's not coming, so you would keep gambling because why not? It's there. And I'd lose it."

As of press time her plea and sentencing hearing was not complete, and Casino Listings will keep this story updated as we learn more.

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