Australian Politician Wants Regulated Internet Betting

This story was published more than 10 years ago.

Last week Australian Green Party politician Richard Di Natale voiced his opinion that there should be a well regulated betting industry in his country in order to avoid driving punters to offshore operators.

Di Natale's opinion came via an editorial in The Age Newspaper in which he notes that's become impossible to watch a game of footy without gambling odds and sports betting advertisements being rammed down our throats."

Claiming that TV adverts have quadrupled in the past two years, Di Natale says that betting has become a major industry in Australia. Last year more than $10 billion in online turnover took place... and that number does not include illegal offshore betting firms.

In the article Di Natale argues for a well regulated betting industry in Australia, which he claims would keep punters from risking their hard earned money at "dodgy offshore bookies."

He then goes on to argue that the people want a regulated industry, rather than leave any governance to the industry "...whose primary motivation is to make a quick buck."

Di Natale also said that he plans to introduce betting regulations during the next session of Australia's Parliament, noting: "The time has come for government action and I plan to introduce my bill in the next sitting period. Along with legislation to restrict the promotion of odds during a sports broadcast (by commentators and bookmakers alike), we also need to close the loophole that allows gambling advertisements during kids' viewing times."

"While gambling advertising is banned in programs that are likely to have a substantial child audience, an exception is made for sports. A change to the law preventing gambling advertisements before 9pm is a simple, common sense solution."

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