West Virginia Warming To Internet Gambling

The oft forgotten state of West Virginia may be warming to the idea of internet gambling as the state's Lottery Director John Musgrave told a newspaper this week that cyber betting is "...the way of the future."

During the interview Musgrave said that in the wake of legalized internet gambling in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and New Jersey that the state needs to consider adopting the form of betting.

In recent years the West Virginia State Lottery has seen its revenues drop, as casinos in bordering states such as Pennsylvania have absorbed much of that revenue.

Speaking about the state of West Virginia's innovation in the betting industry the Director said: "We're a little bit behind right now. There's really going to be a shift in the way that we do business, and we've got to participate in that."

However, the Director's own Finance Director may be contradicted his own boss by claiming that revenues are substantially up for the current fiscal year, as numbers are currently 15.9% ahead of projected forecasts. Since the 1 July, 2012, the state has brought in $765.9 million, up from the projected $660.8 million expected of it.

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