New York To Consider Legalized Online Poker

Two New York State Senators suggested during a budget debate that the legalization and taxation of internet poker could provide a nice amount of cash for the state's coffers.

State Senators Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos brought up the possibility of legalizing online poker by putting language regarding the hobby's legalization into their budgets.

The proposal reads: "The Senate supports authorizing and regulating internet gaming for games of skill, including poker, to reflect recent changes in the classification of these games."

The Empire State's budget is due on April 1st and politicians will be spending the next few weeks aggressively debating what should and shouldn't be put into the state's spending.

The move to include a form of legalized online betting in the budget comes in the wake of the states of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey passing similar measures into law. Legalizing online betting would help keep some of the gaming revenues in the state and providing extra money for the state to use.

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