Danish Gambling Authority Releases 2012 Annual Report

The Danish Gambling Authority has released its annual report which analyzes the industry, which opened its markets to foreign operators last year.

Key highlights in terms of market share were:

  • Betting comprises 15.7% of the total market (DKK 1.175 million)

  • Online casino 11.6% (DKK 870 million)

  • Gaming Machines 24.3% (DKK 1.820 million)

  • Land Based Casinos 4.6% (DKK 345 million)

  • Danske Lotteri Spil 36.1% (DKK 2.710 million)

  • Klasselotteriet 3.1% (DKK 235 million)

  • Other Lotteries 4.6% (DKK 345 million)

The entire gaming market in Denmark is estimated to be work DKK 7.5 billion. For the year, 39 operators brought in DKK 1.175 billion in gross revenues.

The fourth quarter of the year was the strongest in terms of gaming participation.

Interested parties can read the full report online at: http://www.skat.dk/getFile.aspx?Id=104843

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