Colombia Nearing Internet Gambling Regulation, Warns "Illegal" Operators

Columbia's land casino regulator issued a warning to "illegal" internet betting operators, urging them to avoid the country in what is being termed an active attempt to keep firms from being party to a "bad actor" ban when online betting is legalized.

The warning came from Rodrigo Vélez Jara, the President of regulator Coljuegos, who made it clear that internet based betting is currently illegal in the South American country.

Coljuegos has been working on a regulated cyber betting system since 2012, when the Columbian government ordered the organization to craft something that would work in the country of more than 47 million people.

It has been hinted that current betting operators working afoul of the law would be subject to IP address blocking and financial transaction restrictions when the legalized system is put into place.

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