Topjack Games Announces 2 Million Euro Roulette Jackpots

Internet betting games provider Topjack Games has announced that it has launched a new mega jackpot roulette game with the release of "Zero-2-Hero".

Zero-2-Hero features a massive €2 million jackpot which insured by legendary insurance firm Lloyd's of London. The game is the first of its kind to offer a jackpot so large, a fact that company CEO Nick Lynes is keenly aware of.

"We decided to go big and start the jackpot at €2 million on this new game, and the prize will rise throughout 2013 to €8 million," Lynes said.

“The side bet on this game offers players the chance to play a roulette-themed bonus round, making Roulette Zero-2-Hero a very attractive proposition for operators large and small."

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