Survey: U.S. Citizens Would Welcome Internet Gambling

A recent survey conducted by AlixPartners found that internet gambling would be likely to be embraced by American punters while also finding that 35% of all active gamblers would likely gamble online if allowed to do so.

The survey was conducted between January 25th-29th, with 1,031 American adults participating. The sample group was determined by choosing a segment of the population that expresses a general interest in betting. Many forms of betting were discussed during the survey including: sports betting, local casinos, resort casinos, internet betting, race betting, and various lotteries.

The survey also found that the vast majority of gamblers would not reduce their visits to land based destinations should internet gambling be implemented nationwide.

Other positive notes for existing land casinos found that:

  • Only 15% of the active gamblers say they are likely to reduce visits to casinos if online gaming becomes legal

  • 57% say they are more likely to wager online if the sites were run by known casino brands and

  • 58% say they would be attracted to Internet gambling sites that let them earn loyalty points redeemable at land casinos

The survey also noted punters' five most important factors when choosing an internet casino. These factors were:

1.) Ease of registering,

2.) Ease of navigation,

3.) Lack of wait times for desired activities,

4.) Availability of options at desired wagering levels and

5.) Security of financial information and deposited funds

Commenting on the survey AlixPartners Managing Director Mike Sinoway said: "Our study provides valuable insight into what gamblers are looking for in both online and other gaming sectors."

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