Pokerstars To Upgrade Its Poker Client Software

Internet poker Goliath PokerStars has announced that it will be updating its poker software in the very near future, bringing a bevy of improvements to the lobbies and tournament structure.

In the update players will see a completely redesigned lobby, which will allow punters to see information on tables, players at those tables, the amount of chips in play, how many seats available, and specific notes that players may have written regarding players.

Tournaments are also scheduled to be overhauled, with the update changing table groupings and bringing a new layout to PokerStars' progressive bounty and Zoom Poker tournaments.

Players can also be transported to the table that best suits their needs by using an innovative one click system that will be implemented in the new software.

PokerStars players will be tasked with installing the new update into their software the first time that they launch the software after the update is issued.

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