Microgaming Releases Free To Play Blackjack Game

Internet wagering software developer Microgaming has announced the release of a Blackjack game that teaches players how to properly play the game. The title of the new game is "Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach".

The game is free to play and teaches players the proper technique of the game, in which players must beat dealers by approaching the number 21 in card values without going over. The app has been specifically designed for Microsoft platforms, with the game being announced for the Windows 8 Phone and Xbox.

In the game a tutor named Captain Bronzebeard gives players advice on the four different levels of game play. The good captain's advice can be turned off at any time, although he does dispense good tips in your quest to win big treasure.

Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach is available for free download through the Microsoft App Store at: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/bronzebeard-blackjack-the-st...

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