Paddy Power Offering Bets On Political Vitriol

Internet betting site Paddy Power has announced that it has announced that it has introduced a new wagering game titled "Bercow Betting", which weighs in on the British House of Commons and the feuding of various politicians.

Bercow Betting is based on the Speaker of the House John Bercow, who often has to to bring the bickering House back into order. The House is famous for shouting, cheering, hissing, and having insults hurled at speaking representatives.

Punters taking the bet will have the option to bet on a 5/6 bet as to the over/under on how many times Bercow will have to call "Order!" in the House. The number is currently set at 2.5 interventions per week.

Commenting on the product a Paddy Power Spokesman said: "One of the great problems with political betting is that there is no regular event which you can have a punt on. Almost all the markets are on things that can be months or years ahead."

"In the past a number of bookies have tred to create weekly markets but none has caught on or has involved a lot of work on the part of the bookie. A couple of years ago Ladbrokes introduced a sort of PMQs buzz words where you bet on what the Opposition Leader’s first question would about, but the amount of effort required by the firm in setting it up was disproportionate and it only lasted a few weeks."

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