ARJEL Head Concerned About Online Poker Drop

The head of France's gambling regulator ARJEL admitted that he is concerned about the drop in internet poker revenues that his country saw in 2012.

For the year, poker revenues in France dropped by 5%, a concerning number due to the announcements by several betting operators that they will be leaving the country's gaming market due to harsh regulations and high taxes.

Jean-François Vilotte, ARJEL's President admitted that in order to remain viable, the French online poker market will need to get international players to pool with domestic players. However, his is currently restricted by French law, in which there is no pending legislation.

On the positive side, it is being reported that representatives from several countries have been meeting to discuss the possibility of networking poker player pools together. In these meetings French representatives have been present, giving hope that maybe a solution may come about in the future.

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