Rank Gaming Must Jetison Six Casinos In Gala Deal

Casino betting giant Rank Group will be forced to sell six of its casinos if it wishes to become the largest betting operator in the UK thanks to restrictions put in place by the UK Competition Commission.

Rank is scheduled to take over Gala Coral's casinos, but has been rebuked by the Competition Commisison, citing concerns that the merger may cause issues in Stockton-on-Tees, Aberdeen, Liverpool, and Bristol.

To complete the merger Rank will have to either sell off 6 of Gala Coral's 23 casinos or simply just purchase 17 of them. It is speculated that Rank wishes to pursue the latter option due to the fact that it would lower price tag.

The two firms have been negotiating over the price for quite some time, with Rank agreeing to buy all of the casinos for £205 million in September.

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