News Reporter Breaks Poker Bill Progress To Sen. Reid

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A news reporter broke some surprising news to Nevada Senator Harry Reid regarding the Senate Majority Leader's own bill which would legalize internet poker in the United States, catching the Senator off guard and somewhat irritated.

The reporter told Senator Reid that Republican Sentators Jon Kyl of Arizona and Dean Heller were thrilled that they now had enough party support to get the bill passed.

Upon being told of this, Reid said in a possibly irritated tone: “Everyone listen to this. We suddenly have Republican votes on internet poker. Two weeks before Christmas… Without being vulgar, what the hell would I put it on?”

The bill has been somewhat embattled since it was announced that Senators Reid and Kyl would try to introduce the bill in the current lame duck session of Congress. Republican support of the bill was lacking, but apparently that issue has been overcome.

All is not rosy with the bill, however, as Senator Kyle noted by saying the bill needs to be put onto an appropriate piece of legislation. "How you ever get a bill like that up. If it ever comes up to the Senate, and it’s offered in the appropriate way - that is to say, not part of some bill that nobody’s going to vote for - then there’s no question about Republican votes in my view. You can’t put (poker) on the FISA bill. You can’t put it on the ‘cliff’ bill, whatever that is, so a lot of it depends on how it all comes up.” the 70 year old Senator said.

Kyl also cautioned against putting the bill into a "Christmas Tree" bill that would include many bills that would be unlikely to pass on their own merits.

The video of the news being broken to Reid can be viewed at:

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