New Jersey Governor Pressured To Sign Online Gambling Law

Politicians in New Jersey are pressuring the Garden State's Governor to sign an online gambling bill into law, shortly after passing the bill through both chambers of the state's legislature.

Four State Senators have reportedly written to Governor Chris Christie, explaining that the online gambling law would create jobs, raise tax revenues, and put the state in a powerful position in the growing gaming sector.

The letter, which was written by Senators Steve Sweeney, Ray Lesniak, James Whelan, and Jeff Van Drew reads:

“Given the fiscal conditions facing our casinos, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the recent movement toward Internet gaming in states across the country, we cannot afford to wait any longer for implementation."

“The fact is, Atlantic City has the potential to become a hub of Internet gaming, which will create more jobs, more revenue for casinos and generate more funding for critical programs for senior citizens and residents with disabilities."

“The short term benefits would be in the form of increased economic activity, increased jobs and increased tax revenues, at very little cost to the state. Over the long term, Internet gaming could change the landscape of the gaming industry in New Jersey.”

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