Internet Betting Being Discussed Again In Iowa

Interest in internet gambling in Iowa has started being discussed again as industry leaders and lawmakers acknowledged internet betting is the future of the industry.

Speaking last week to the Des Moines Register, Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Chairman Jeff Lamberti spoke about internet gambling, saying: “That’s really where the next step in gaming is moving. We’ve seen some states approve it and are moving in that direction.”

Lamberti also said that if the Hawkeye state passed a law legalizing internet gambling that the Gaming Commission was prepared to regulate it.

Iowa Gaming Association President Wes Ehrecke concurred with Lamberti's view of internet gambling, claiming that 15,000 Iowa residents already gamble online through offshore casinos.

It appears that Iowa residents are opposed to internet gambling however, as a Register poll showed support of an internet gambling bill at 29% with 69% opposed.

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