Saskatchewan Votes Out Online Gambling

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Minister Donna Harpauer has shot down the possibility of having online gambling in the Canadian province.

Harpauer told the CBC that while Saskatchewan had explored the possibility of opening an online casino, the province decided that the risks outweighed the benefits, and that there is no compelling case that has been made by businesses to contradict that point. The Minister also went on to state that if an online casino were to open within her province that it would be illegal.

Recently, the White Bear First Nation announced plans to launch an online casino based from its reservation within the province. Currently the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia all have some form of legal online gambling within their borders.

A poll of citizens who participated in a poll by the CBC overwhelmingly voted that a First Nation online casino should be shut down with 59.25% voting for shutting it down.