Russian Court Demands ISPs To Block Gambling

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Russian Supreme Court has clarified a lower court ruling, demanding that internet service providers block access to online gambling sites or risk going out of business.

Using what is being called "very sharp language", the court ruled that it is illegal for a company to disseminate access to information which is blocked by the federal government while also providing access to that same information.

Under the lower court ruling, a company was able to wait until a site officially ended up on a government blacklist before blocking it, but this ruling makes it possible for a company to go out of business if they do not block the content in advance.

Anton Maltsev, a lawyer from the firm Barker and McKenzie said that the ruling implies "that compliance with content restrictions could be a licensing requirement".

Currently the federal government of Russia has officially blocked about 1,500 websites.