Problem Gambler Scams Dad For Second Time

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A 23 year old man who had stolen £72,000 from his father to feed his online gambling habit has been sent back to jail for the second time for doing the same crime.

David James Collins was a personal banking adviser who was sent to jail in 2010 for stealing funds from customer accounts... including funds from his father's account.

This time Collins was sentenced to two years in prison for committing the same crimes. During sentencing Mold Crown Court Judge Rhys Rowlands was harsh on Collins, saying: “Having apologized to your father, he forgave you and allowed you to move back to live with him. He gave you money to help you where you were struggling to find work."

"Your expressions of remorse had a rather hollow ring to them. You repaid his generosity by assuming his identity and withdrawing significant sums of money from his bank accounts."

“Your predicament should serve as a warning to others. You ran up unmanageable debts as a result of your behavior." the judge told the defendant.