Paddy Power Releases Social Betting Game "BetDash"

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Ireland based betting giant Paddy Power has announced the release of a new social betting game called "BetDash".

BetDash gives players the opportunity to turn £100,000 into £1 million over the course of ten days through sports betting. Depending on the amount of the punter's initial stake, BetDash will pay up to 2x that amount if the goal is reached.

Features of the game include:

  • Bet feeds which show a real time view of each bet placed by BetDash players.

  • The ability for players to follow top player activity

  • Trending bets which assist players in making informed decisions

  • Boosters which allow players to unlock various bonuses throughout the 10 day game

  • Challenge functionality on other players bets which earns bankroll bonuses

  • Awards for reaching prescribed goals that can then be redeemed for either a bankroll bonus or a time extension.

Speaking about the game, BetDash Co-Founder Justin Goldman said: “There have been many failed attempts at creating a successful social betting game. BetDash is bucking that trend by delivering a unique game design that enables punters to enjoy the thrill of sports betting in a low-risk, incredibly engaging social gaming environment.”

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