Ladbrokes Reassures Clients That Information Is Safe

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

UK based gaming giant Ladbrokes is reassuring customers that their information is safe after a punter on a sports betting forum claimed he got an email from the company requesting he change his email due to a possible account intrusion.

The issue arose when a Sports Book Review forum user shared an email he got from Ladbrokes revealed that his ID and password were passed on to other parties that the sportsbook works with. The email said that they “do not believe that any customer account has been compromised as a result of a breach” but still required the user to change his password.

Speaking to gaming website about the issue, a Ladbrokes representative said: "There is no suggestion any accounts have been accessed inappropriately (and no evidence the third party company even accessed the information which has now been deleted) and it affects a small proportion of our customer base. That said it is an unfortunate error and we apologise to all affected.”

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