Turkish Law Enforcement Continues To Close Illegal Gambling Sites

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Authorities in Turkey have shut down 139 illegal gambling websites which violate the country's laws against internet betting, a report by the publication Hurriyet claims.

The site closings were conducted by Turkey's Telecommunications Directorate as well as the Turkish National Lottery. Although the number of shuttered sites may appear to be large, more than 457 sites with complaints against them appear to have slipped through the cracks with no action being taken against them.

The country has taken to blocking ISPs in order to help in the blockade of the illegal sites. In addition to blocking internet gambling, physical gambling houses were also outlawed in 1997. These houses have also flourished in recent years, causing the National Lottery to form the Games of Hazard Department, which aims to block all forms of illegal gambling within the country's boundaries.