Software Upgrade For PokerStars Looming

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

In a 15 minute presentation to a crowd gathered at the London Film Museum, online poker giant PokerStars revealed several upgrades to its software client dubbed "PokerStars 7".

The presentation gave guests the chance to see several of the big changes coming soon to players in a beta test.

Some of the upgrades to the PokerStars software were reported to be:

  • A Simpler, less cluttered lobby.

  • Easier navigational and functional access for new players, including a 'quickstart' feature.

  • Revamped 'Live Events' navigation. Using a tab in the lobby players can access live poker tournaments sponsored by Pokerstars, and use a facility that enables them to add particularly favored venues in order to stay in the info loop.

  • Less pop-ups and more direct access to a broader range of table information in both standard list, stake level and table types, with fast and easy player sign-up integrated.

No known date for the beta test to go live have been announced yet, but Casino Listings will fill readers in as soon as we know.