European Commission Releases Online Gambling Action Plan

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Bloomberg News Agency is reporting that the European Commission has announced that it has released its action plan for online gambling in the European Union, focusing on fighting money laundering and promoting hotlines against corruption.

The EC will also reportedly probe whether or not member nations are legally in the right when they try to regulate online gambling. The issue has grown to include complaints about market restrictions in 20 EU countries.

The European Commission action plan is said to cover the five areas of:

  • compliance of national regulatory frameworks with EU law

  • enhancing administrative cooperation and efficient enforcement

  • protecting consumers and citizens, minors and vulnerable groups

  • preventing fraud and money laundering

  • safeguarding the integrity of sports and preventing match-fixing

The Remote Gaming Association's Clive Hawkswood spoke about the action plan, saying: "We will continue to engage and work with the European Commission and other stakeholders so that governments and consumers can have confidence in the regulation of our industry."

"It is equally important that the licensed private sector online gambling industry is treated fairly and in accordance with EU law. At the moment there are over 30 complaints against Member State laws and regulations that are apparently in breach of EU law."

“There has been no action since 2008 on a single complaint or infringement proceeding. The Commission’s credibility as guardian of the Treaty can only be guaranteed if it now proceeds with the rapid and substantive action that Commissioner Barnier has indicated will take place."

A full copy of the plan can be read at: