Bregenz Casino Settles Software Glitch Case For €1 million

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A Swiss gambler who won €40 million while playing a slot machine at Casinos Austria but was later told the big win was a glitch settled with the land casino and will take home €1 million instead.

Behar Merlaku thought he hit it big when he was playing the slot. Casino representatives then told the man that his win was not valid because of a "software error", and tried to pay him off with a few free meals. Merlaku did not relent however, and threatened legal action against the casino.

Merlaku's lawyer Thomas Kerle said that Casinos Austria would not allow independent experts to check the slot machine after the win was displayed on the screen.

At the time Casinos Austria Spokesman Martin Himmelbaur said of the incident: "We wanted to apologize but he did not want to co-operate. We offered to pay out the cash (60 GBP) that he did win, but he refused to accept it. Usually these matters are sorted out with a meal for two but in this case the man was not prepared to settle for anything less than the full payment."

Merlaku said he plans on using his settlement money to pay for an operation for his newborn baby, who is suffering from a physical disability.