PPA Wants Details On Senate Poker Bill

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance has stated that he is concerned about the vague nature of the Reid-Kyl online poker legislation bill and requested more details on the gaming proposal.

Pappas said that he has not been given a full bill to review, but has been unable to get his hands on anything.

"We've asked for the language multiple times and it's not being shared with us or anyone that I'm aware of," Pappas said. "Even other key Senators in the process do not have the language. We're at a disadvantage not knowing exactly what is meant by parts of the summary text."

Based on information currently available the PPA has cited that there are four major areas of concern, including a 15 month "blackout period", which the PPA wants to see trimmed to 6 months.

The bill also reportedly puts a 5 year ban on companies that offered internet poker to Americans after 2006 when the controversial UIGEA was put into effect.

The PPA is also reportedly unhappy with a section of the bill that would call for penalties against US players who play on US licensed sites.

The lobbying group's last major concern is a ban on licensed operators from taking offshore business or allowing for American players to take part in international player pools.

"There's certainly enough liquidity in the U.S. to have a robust market, but I think players would benefit from international liquidity," Pappas said. "We'd like to see language that leaves the door open for the possibility of the U.S. market to compact with other legitimate and regulated marketplaces throughout the world."