Justice Department Goes After Full Tilt Execs Again

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The United States Justice Department has filed another civil claim amendment against former executives and shareholders of Full Tilt Poker, trying to obtain $137 million in assets which it says were acquired illegally.

Among those named in the claim are Rafe Furst, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar, and Howard Lederer, all of whom are alleged of receiving tens of millions of dollars in payments from Full Tilt Poker.

The government is claiming that the money was attained through violations of several legal statues including the Wire Act, Illegal Gambling Act, and even the Travel Act. The group is accused of money laundering, bank fraud, travel and wire fraud, racketeering, and illegal online gambling.

Court papers show that authorities have researched the money trail, and came up with figures that each of those named in the suit allegedly received. Lederer is alleged to have used the money to fund personal accounts, buy vehices, and invest in pension funds. Bitar invested in property.

The DoJ's numbers show that the funds that should be forfeited are as follows:

  • Ray Bitar - $40.8 million

  • Rafe Furst - $11.7 million

  • Chris Ferguson - $42 million

  • Howard Lederer - $42.5 million