Golden Nugget Gamblers Reject Casino's Setttlement Offer

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A group of gamblers who won big at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City by taking advantage of a fault in the casino's cards rejected a settlement offer by casino owner Tilman Fertitta, possibly looking for an even larger payday.

Workers at the Golden Nugget allegedly committed several questionable acts during the ordeal, including refusing to pay the 14 gamblers involved, trying to get money back after it was already paid out, forcing personal body searches, holding some players against their will, and possibly an assault.

If players continue their suit, it may end up costing the casino more than the $1.5 million it lost in the first place.

Last week a District Court Judge ruled that the casino must pay the players the money they won, on account of there was no way of knowing when the faulty cards would run out. Fertitta then instructed his lawyers not to appeal the decision and offered to settle the case with players for their original winnings, on the condition that they would not pursue further legal action against the casino.

With that offer rejected, the stage has been set for a long legal battle.