Vietnamese Police Bust Up Gambling Affiliate

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Vietnamese authorities arrested a 42 year old woman who developed a way to connect gamblers to a gambling website operated in Cambodia.

Lam Manh Nhi was arrested along with five associates at four different gambling contact points in the capital Ho Chi Minh City. The arrests came after a three month investigation wherein officials tracked several IP addresses that were accessing an internet gambling website based in Cambodia.

Nhi was the first to be arrested, who then worked with police to get the five associates arrested the next day.

Police allege that Nhi had set up a communications system throughout the southwestern Tay Ninh province that linked her betting ring to the casino site in Cambodia. Nhi reportedly worked as an agent and was paid directly by the casino. Police claim that she was also working as an agent to help facilitate bets for Chinese punters after she set up a similar betting system in the northern Quang Ninh Province.

Nhi's associates who were arrested in the raid were: Ho Thi Kim Cuc (48), Le Van Ngoi (29), Duong Van Son (43), Phan To Ha (43), and Le Thi Nga (52), all of Ho Chi Minh City.

Police also announced that the investigation is ongoing.