PokerStars Poised To Break 85 Billion Hands This Month

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Internet poker giant PokerStars is nearing in on its 85 billionth hand played the company announced on Friday.

The big hand could be hit as early as this week, months after the site reported that its 80 billionth hand was played. That hand paid a Spanish player $22,940 when he won the hand. Other players at the table were awarded $10,000 each.

For this record hand PokerStars is putting up a million dollars worth of prizes. 300 players will cash in prizes as every one millionth hand will feature a cash prize. The 85 billionth hand is being dubbed a Mega Milestone hand by PokerStars, who is running a "Road to 100 Billion" campaign on its website.