UK Store Clerk Jailed For Lottery Scam

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A store clerk in the UK got 30 months in jail for attempting to swindle an elderly British couple by telling them that their winning lottery ticket was worthless, then trying to cash in the ticket himself.

Farrakh "Lucky" Nizzar was in the UK illegally when he tried to pull off the scam. He was working in a convenience store when he tried to scam the couple out of their £ 1 million winning ticket.

Authorities became suspicious of Nizzar after he was unable to answer a series of security questions when attempting to claim the prize. They then checked the store's CCTV footage and saw Nizzar scamming the couple.

When sentencing the defendant, Recorder Phillip Cattan told him that the issue “Goes to the heart of public confidence in the National Lottery.”

Nizzar will now face deportation back to Pakistan when he is released from jail.