Harry Reid Struggling For Senate Online Gambling Support

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A report in the Las Vegas Sun claims that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is struggling to get support for his attempted bill to legalize online gambling among fellow politicians.

An anonymous source within the Democratic Party told the Sun that the bill that Senator Reid is putting together with Senator John Kyl is facing a lack of interest by both parties. Roughly 40 Democrats are interested in supporting the bill, while few Republicans are interested. The bill would need bi-partisan support to get through the chamber; a rarity in today's arena of divided U.S. politics.

The House of Representatives also has a potential online poker legalization bill that is struggling to gain support. Texas Representative Joe Barton has been struggling to get his bill past the committee stage. Barton claims that the cause of the problems are tribal concerns over the competition that online gambling would bring their land casinos.