British Books Score Well With Olympics

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The close of the Olympics on Sunday ended a prime betting opportunity for many UK based sportsbooks, who were reporting high betting activity during the two weeks that the games were active.

Online betting exchange Betfair revealed that betting activity has been higher, with bet numbers coming in at just under 100,000. The most highly bet on event was the men's 100 meter final, with 19,000 bettors wagering on the race's outcome. Jamaica's Usain Bolt took the gold medal in the event.

UK sportsbook Ladbrokes also announced that turnover for the two weeks that the Olympics were held will reach £80 million, up from £4 million during the Beijing Games.

The games have been seen as being very positive for the British people. Government officials have been holding a series of business summits at the same time of the games has announced that more than £14 billion of deals have been announced during the recent weeks of the games.