Zynga CEO On Real Money Gambling: We're "Seriously Exploring"

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Chief Executive Officer of US based social media gaming firm Zynga has announced that he company is "seriously exploring" the possibility of real money gambling while also sharing confidence in mobile gaming growth.

Mark Pincus told an audience at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech get-together that the big attraction of social gaming is using networks like Facebook where all the people are hanging out". He went on to point out mobile is growing as a gaming market because of the fact that most users now have a smart phone.

"Mobile is definitely earlier-stage, but we're encouraged because all of you are holding smartphones in your hands, half of you are playing games today and we can all do in-app purchases." Pincus said. "All of the components are there."

When it came to online gambling, Pincus said that he is not opposed to Zynga joining a lobbying effort to get online gambling in the US legalized, but noted that he would be more apt to advocate for more "mass market consumer-oriented, and less toward hardcore style gambling."