Poker Pro: Pokerstars/DoJ Deal Unlikely

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

With rumors swirling that online poker giant PokerStars is working on a deal with the United States Department of Justice that would see PokerStars take over Full Tilt Poker, one prominent poker pro and columnist has said he doesn't think it will happen.

Mike Glantz, a poker columnist and pro player said through poker website that he does not feel that such a deal between PokerStars and the DoJ is a viable option. Glantz believes that any deal could be undermined by the ability of individual states to reject internet poker, which falls out of the jurisdiction of the DoJ.

"The DOJ has no power in who or what the states allow in their online world." Glantz writes. "The DOJ can cut any deal they want with PokerStars to free them and their principals from federal prosecution. They can agree not to block PokerStars from coming back into the U.S. in the future. But the problem lies in that the DOJ has no power over the states. How do they insist that the states allow PokerStars to operate in each jurisdiction?"

Another potential stumbling block is the land based gambling giants such as Caesars Entertainment, who is not going to want to offer internet poker firms such as PokerStars onto its home turf.

"It would only make smart business sense for Caesars to do whatever it can to block PokerStars at all costs from getting back in the states. They don’t want that formidable competition in the inevitable multi-billion dollar online gaming industry that will happen in the U.S. Caesars is obviously prepared for this future and they can plainly see the difference between a PokerStars involved U.S. online market and a non-PokerStars U.S. online market. One in which Caesars would surely dominate." Glantz points out.

"Although I would like to believe this deal will get done to repay the players I have considerable doubts that this will actually happen from this current deal."