Players Planning To Sue Purple Lounge To Be Listed As Creditors

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

With liquidation proceedings beginning for Purple Lounge Casino and players apparently being left out of the fray, several players on internet message boards are planning legal action against Purple Lounge's parent company Media Corp.

The potential legal action was spawned when players tried to file claims with Purple Lounge's liquidating company Baker Tilly, who then told the players that they are not on a list of creditors supplied by Media Corp. Players were then told that the Purple Lounge Malta company was responsible for the funds and that Purple Lounge UK company was free and clear from the player's accounts.

However, many of the players are claiming that the Purple Lounge Malta company is merely a shell to hold a gaming license through the European island country. They further assert that the Malta company was a non factor in Purple Lounge's operations, as management decisions were made by Media Corp and that financial transactions were conducted through the Purple Lounge UK Company.

One punter who filed a claim in the last week noted on the twoplustwo poker forum that: It seems all the money management, casino/poker operation, etc was done by the UK company, with the Maltese company being nothing more than a letterbox company designed to hold the license."

"If players money was never sent to the Maltese company, and stayed wholly within the UK company, how can the Maltese company be the debtor to anyone?"

The planned legal action by the players may complicate the liquidation process, as punters who are able to verify their balances maybe be able to list themselves as creditors which would elongate the liquidation process.

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