Zynga Launches Slots

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online social gaming developer Zynga has announced that it has released its newest wagering game "Zynga Slots".

Zynga Slots is a new mobile free to play casino game that is available for play on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). Zynga has previously released popular poker and bingo games.

Commenting on the release, Zynga Mobile Vice President Justin Cinicolo said: “As Zynga’s second mobile casino game, Zynga Slots brings the thrill of Las Vegas slot machines to the palm of players’ hands while introducing social elements for players to share the excitement with their friends."

“We’re continually listening to player feedback on the kinds of games they enjoy playing, and we’ll be sure to bring more high-quality iOS games to players based on the genres they enjoy.”

Some of the features for the Zynga Slots game are:

  • Zynga has introduced offline mode, which enables players to enjoy Zynga Slots anywhere, anytime, with minimal load times and smooth reel animations.

  • Zynga Slots is the most social slots game to date, meaning more friends and more winnings. Users can recruit friends to play and watch as the jackpot rises, or hop on a machine to help heat it up and reap the rewards. With Facebook integration and push notifications, users will always know when the jackpot increases or a friend wins big–and when it is time to spin again.

  • Level-up gaming capability which unlocks rewards such as new machines featuring themes from popular Zynga games like FarmVille and Hanging With Friends. Dedicated players will also reap the benefits of increased pay lines and higher betting limits for bigger risk and better rewards.

  • New features like animations, mini-games and fun characters that react and move with each spin, inching players closer to “Fever Mode,” a 30-second bonus round where they can spin for a bigger payout.