Teenager Busted For Running Illegal Gambling Network

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A 17 year old Israeli high school student has been placed on house arrest after he was detained following suspicions of running an illegal gambling network among fellow students.

18 different students in the boy's school were interrogated by police after the betting network took in wagers from Israel New Shekel 200 (about $50) to 2,000 (about $512).

In other gambling crime news, a man from Singapore was fined S$40,000 and placed in jail for 3 weeks after he worked as a front for a Malaysian bookie.

The 39 year old Koh Kian Huat was charged with 5 separate counts of working as a bookie, accepting bets using a laptop, calculator, and two mobile phones. The amounts that the defendant accepted ranged from S$20 to S$2030.