Former Absolute Poker Exec Wants Sentencing Delay

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The former Finance Executive for Absolute Poker is trying to delay his sentencing date as his lawyers try to prepare arguments against the prosecutions possible attempt to increase his sentence.

Brent Beckley had previously plead guilty to conspiracy to violate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and bank fraud while, expecting to get between a year and eighteen months in prison.

However in May, US District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan did not issue a sentence on the agreed to plea, stating that there is “an aggravating circumstance in this case of a kind, or to a degree, not adequately taken into consideration by the Sentencing Commission in formulating the guidelines.”

Kaplan also noted that the pecuniary level of the crime was an influencing factor in sentencing, as Beckley committed a crime through a business that saw billions of dollars flowing in and out of company accounts, all while making millions of dollars for Absolute Poker.

Kaplan then gave the prosecution and defense the opportunity to argue against the "departure from sentencing guidelines" on June 8th and June 18th. On June 4th, lawyers for Beckley requested a deadline extension to July 23rd; a request that the prosecution does not oppose. As part of the plea deal Beckley agreed to pay $300,000 to the courts. This payment will also be taken into account at his sentencing.

Currently it is unknown when the sentencing will take place. Some court documents indicate that Beckley will learn his fate as late as September due to previous commitments for lawyers on both sides.