Feds Bust Connecticut Illegal Sportsbetting Ring

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Police in Connecticut arrested 20 people involved in an online sportsbetting ring that allegedly had ties to an organized crime family.

The raid came after a Federal Grand Jury indictment was unsealed. The indictment claims that operators of the illegal online sportsbooks that operated in the Gambino crime family's territory made tribute payments, which kept the sites clear of the mob group's wrath.

Authorities claim that the investigation included wiretaps over a period of seven months as well as the execution of search warrants that occurred in three separate states.

"Federal authorities are seeking forfeiture of about $1.7 million in illegal proceeds, including $174,537 in cash seized in an April 2011 search of the former Stamford residence of Richard "Big Baldy" Uva,"a report by the Associated Press claims. "Uva was among those indicted, along with Dean "Little Baldy" Depreta, 44, of Stamford. Depreta is accused of operating illegal card gambling clubs with others in Stamford and Hamden and reporting to the Gambino family."

Those who were arrested in the raids face charges of running a bookmaking operation, including sites where players placed bets with offshore gambling sites.