Casinomeister Charges Rushmore Group With De-Tagging Scam

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The owner of the popular online gambling site Casinomeister is claiming that the Rushmore Group of online casinos has been scamming its affiliates by de-tagging players who signed up through his site, and he is not holding back.

Bryan Bailey, the owner of Casinomeister, conducted an investigation by surveying players and members of his website and concluded that C-Planet, the company heading the Rushmore Group has been keeping commissions that should rightfully be paid to him as an affiliate.

In an industry warning on his website Bailey writes:

"I am absolutely positive that the administration of C-Planet has been de-tagging referred players. I know for sure that it's happened at Casinomeister, and if they are brazen enough to do it at Casinomeister, for sure they will do it to you."

Bailey shared that from April 2008 to June 2010 more than 1,000 players had deposited funds at casinos in the Rushmore Group.

"By March 2011, the stats at C-Planet had flatlined with no activity whatsoever. I thought this a little odd since there would be some activity under normal circumstances, but since the Rushmore Casino group was dissatisfying so many players, I figured people had quit playing there. I was totally wrong." the site's owner asserts.

After interviewing members of his forum, Bailey is confident that he has proof that active players have not been credited to his affiliate account and that more players may come forward as they become aware of the situation.

"Whatever the case may be, the player stats have been tampered with." Bailey says.

After several attempts to contact the group's management, Bailey reported that he was ignored.

"I made several polite inquiries directly to the owner - copying on the management and C-Planet staff - no response. Not even a bounced email. Their behaviour is not only disrespectful and unprofessional, it's obnoxious. The operator had the ball in his court - he could have come back to me stating he would look into this, or better yet - another promise that he was getting his act together. He could have at least denied it, but this was not the case. It was "speak to the hand - f.u. - we can do whatever we want"." he concludes.

The Rushmore group of casinos consists of Rushmore Casino, Slot Oasis, Cherry Red, Slotsville, Pure Vegas, and Euro City.

More details will be posted as they are discovered.

Mr. Bailey's full report can be read at:

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