BMM International Expands Recruiting For Compliance Testing

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Wagering software testing agency BMM International has announced through its website that it is looking for 100 software engineers for its Las Vegas headquarters, hoping to expand due to Nevada's new online gambling law.

Company Spokeswoman Wendy Anderson said that the company is hoping that it will be approved by Nevada gaming regulators to outsource their compliance and testing activities. She also said that the expansion of gambling (both land and online) as well as Nevada's desire to outsource testing are behind the company's push to expand its business.

“As the online sector develops in the United States, we are using our expertise more and more to support this growth across our ever-increasing roster of online customers. We hope to be able to offer our testing and certification services for Nevada manufacturers at the discretion of the Nevada Gaming Control Board." Anderson said.

Software engineers who are interested in a position with BMM International can find specifics on the company's website at: