Poker Player Will Release Comic Book

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Poker player Giancarlo Antonetti has announced that he will be releasing a comic book which will tell interesting poker stories in the unique format under the name "Shut Up and Fold".

The comic book series will contain nine different volumes, with the first issue hitting the streets by the end of the month. Antonetti says that he is targeting a wide audience with both poker players and comic book readers as there are hundreds of millions of both on Earth.

In a press release Antonetti says: "Potentially the stories are for everybody, because it's not just about the game but about their lives, their fight for success, their love affairs as well as betrayed friendships."

"Shut Up and Fold" is a realistic book and even the invented stories are realistic. Some of the stories come from real lives, others from legends of the world of poker. Stories are re-created and mixed with original plots to develop a true entertainment experience for readers."

When the issues are released they will cost about $2 each and will be available for download on iTunes, Comixology and Amazon.