New Media Corp Management Still Silent On Purple Lounge Failure

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Purple Lounge closure message

More than a week has transpired since Media Corp plc Chairman Justin Drummond and CEO Sara Vincent left the company, but the firm's new management still has not contacted players to ensure that their balances are safe.

The company's new CEO is Adam Fraser-Harris and Chairman is Phil Jackson, who both came over after the company purchased Intabet.

Even though both Jackson and Fraser-Harris have been fully aware of the situation involving Purple Lounge, Media Corp's only comment on the matter has been: "...with the restructuring of Purple Lounge now underway, the directors believe the acquisition of Intabet will allow the company to re-establish a newly branded online casino and poker room to run alongside the new betting platform that Intabet provides."

Many online punters and information websites have cried foul on Media Corp's treatment of customers in the wake of Purple Lounge's failure. Earlier this week PokerFuse, a gambling information site summed up the situation by saying:

"When a highly recognizable online gaming brand - owned by a publicly listed, UK-regulated, London-officed media corporation-goes offline, tells their customers nothing about their deposits, and refuses to talk to the media, it speaks volumes.

"Media Corp must immediately announce that player funds are secure and enable players to withdraw these funds. (This is) not just about the valueless rubber stamps of offshore gaming regulators, but about the false sense of protection a customer has dealing with a publicly-traded company."

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