Isle Of Man Gets Closer To Live Tourneys

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The Isle of Man has taken a big step toward legalizing live poker tournaments on the island as the Casino (Amendment) Bill 2012 passed its second reading successfully.

The local newspaper IOM Today has reported that Eddie Lowey MLC is trying to get the bill through the legislature as a Treasury member and has said that the bill would allow for an opportunity to positively benefit from the professional poker industry.

"I believe the Isle of Man would be doing a disservice to itself if it didn’t participate and take advantage of its reputation as well regulated in this area, as far as gambling is concerned." Lowey was quoted as saying.

Alex Downie MLC agreed, saying that there is a significant benefit for the Isle of Man to allow the live gaming tournaments.

Currently live tournaments can be held on the Isle of Man, but they must be held inside of a casino, which limits the size of the events. The new bill would allow for larger tournaments to take place on the island.