comments on spanish online gambling taxation issue

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online gambling giant digital entertainment has released a statement regarding its stance on the issue of Spain's regulatory and taxation laws.

In its statement bwin noted that:

  • Spain is expected to start licensing eGaming providers for all products other than slots at the beginning of June

  • Spain is demanding that all major online gambling operators pay Spanish taxes for any Spanish gamblers that they accepted in their casinos. After doing a review of the issue, bwin will make a payment of up to €33 million to the Spanish government.

  • By paying the back taxes bwin will be able to secure an eGaming license from Spain

Speaking about the issue last week, a Spokesman said: "Some weeks ago, the Spanish tax authority contacted all of the major online gaming operators and made clear that, in their opinion, any online operator that has ever accepted customers from Spain has an obligation to pay Spanish taxes under two laws, one dating from 1966 and the other from 1977."

"Previously these laws were applied to operators based in Spain carrying out offline gaming activities and to certain kinds of bets (other than fixed odd bets)."

"As a result, together with a number of other operators we have today completed a tax self-assessment in accordance with the Spanish Tax Authority’s requirements and as a result are making a payment of €25.6 million plus surcharges and interest of up to €8 million."

"Having taken these steps, we believe we have now fulfilled all requirements and look forward to receiving our licence and entering the Spanish market."

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