Bet At Home Releases Quarterly Results

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Online betting firm Bet At Home has released its first quarter 2012 financial results, highlighting an increase in revenue but revealing a decrease in company revenues,

Key financial indicators for the first quarter ending March 31st were:

  • Group result before taxes of €2.10 million (Q1/2011: €3.90 million)

  • Turnover increased significantly by 23.5% to €527.68 million (Q1/2011: €427.19 million)

  • Group EBITDA of €1.94 million (Q1/2011: €3.84 million)

  • An increase in gross gaming revenue (Hold) of 15.4% to €21.11 million (Q1/2011: €18.29 million)

  • Net gaming revenue (Hold minus Betting / Gaming Tax) rose by 15.9% to €18.85 million (Q1/2011: €16.26 million)

  • Betting taxes amounted to €2.27 million (Q1/2011: €2.02 million)

The company's decrease in revenue was attributed to its increase in advertising expenses, which were €11.09 million. While this decreased income for the quarter, it also has led to a 39.3% increase in the company's customer base.

Currently Bet At Home has 2.8 million registered customers.