Politico: Black Friday Has Negative Impact On Poker Lobbying

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

US political publication Politico has published a report that shows that federal legal action on Black Friday has adversely affected the lobbying efforts of pro online poker groups.

The report states: “A Justice Department crackdown on several Internet gambling websites is dealing a heavy blow to the efforts of Washington’s premiere online poker PAC to raise cash and throw it at lawmakers."

It was noted inside the article that the Poker Players Alliance has dropped its lobbying spending by roughly 20% since Black Friday. However, in the first quarter the PPA still spent $315,000 on lobbying, which is still a significant amount.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas told Politico that DC lobbyists are : "...looking for just about anything that’s moving to hitch a ride for online poker - and that includes cyber security legislation."

Pappas also said that proponents of internet poker are advocating legislation as a way to protect consumers and a way to crack down on fraud and money laundering.

“As much as this (Cyber Security) is about getting people the right to play online. It’s also about giving law enforcement clear direction on how to enforce the law.” Pappas said.