PokerStars Saves Isle Of Man Library

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online poker site PokerStars has donated funds to the Isle of Man Family and Mobile Libraries, ensuring that the library will remain afloat for at least another three years.

The library was facing closure because of budget cutbacks by the government due to the tumultuous economic situation. PokerStars donated the money through the Manx Educational Foundation, which will ensure that all of the employees at the library are able to keep their jobs and provide books to the island's nearly 80,000 residents.

The cost of keeping the library afloat has not been finalized, but it has been estimated that it will require £230,000 for the three year period.

Commenting on the donation, MEF Executive Director David Butterworth said: "Obviously these are austere times and the need to balance the public finances is a serious one. However, it would be a significant blow to the education of our youth to lose the libraries, as literacy is an essential skill in any industry. As such, we are pleased that PokerStars has stepped up and committed to save these services."